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News archive for 1998

Archives d'actualités pour 1998

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Mennonites and Catholics sit down to talk

 — December 7, 19987 déc. 1998

For five days in October, seven Mennonites sat face-to-face with six Roman Catholics to discuss reasons for the centuries-long separation between the two churches. The meeting here on October 14-18 was held to promote better understanding of each others’ faith and to overcome long-standing prejudices.

This international consultation was sponsored by the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (Vatican City). Helmut Harder (Canada) and Joseph Martino (United States) chaired the meeting.
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Margaret O’Gara, <em>The Ecumenical Gift Exchange</em>. Collegeville: Michael Glazier (The Liturgical Press), 1998. ISBN: 978-0-8146-5893-2

Book Review: Margaret O’Gara, The Ecumenical Gift Exchange

 — November 15, 199815 nov. 1998

I remember, as an MA student, reading one of Margaret O’Gara’s essays in Grail on petrine ministry and what she called “the ecumenical gift exchange.” Drawing a comparison to the exchange of gifts in a large family at Christmas, O’Gara says that “in ecumenical dialogue, each Christian communion brings one or many gifts to the dialogue table, and each receives riches from their dialogue partners as well. But in the ecumenical gift exchange, the gift-giving enriches all of the partners, since we do not lose our gifts by sharing them with others.” Throughout my own research and the past four years of ecumenical ministry I have kept this concept close at hand.

O’Gara’s new book The Ecumenical Gift Exchange collects her own essays exploring issues of contemporary ecumenical dialogue, particularly: petrine ministry; infallibility; authority and dissent; feminism, and of utmost importance: the process of reception itself. How does one church receive the gifts of another? What level of agreement is necessary? When does the dialogue move from talking to acting? How does dialogue lead to repentance and then to reception?

She points out, “In a sense, the entire ecumenical movement rests on the recognition of the need for repentance, a willingness to ask whether we have a beam in our own eye before we concern ourselves with the mote in the eye of the other.”
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Catholic Bishops Bring Formal Greetings to NCCCUSA

 — November 13, 199813 nov. 1998

NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS BRINGS FORMAL GREETINGS TO NCC BISHOP GIVEN NCC’S RESPONSE TO PAPAL ENCYCLICAL ON ECUMENISM [CHICAGO] For the second year running, a representative from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops brought formal greetings to the National Council of Churches’ annual General Assembly, where he was given a copy of the NCC’s
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ELCA Presiding Bishop Says Ecumenism Is Lutheran

 — October 8, 19988 oct. 1998

CHICAGO (ELCA) — “The ecumenical question is often posed as a vote for or against ‘Lutheran identity.’ We cite our confessional tradition as the reason for our continued separation from other Christian bodies,” said the Rev. H. George Anderson, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). “I believe that it is precisely
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Family’s faith stands on twin foundations

 — September 26, 199826 sept. 1998

When Bernie and Shirley Karstad were considering marriage, they had an added twist to consider. While both were dedicated, devoted and active church members, the catch was that they belonged to different churches. Neither had any interest in switching to another church tradition. Adding further complication, each was bringing children from a previous marriage into
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United Church challenges $27 billion Gambling industry

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

Canada’s largest Protestant church, the United Church of Canada (UCC), has launched a challenge to the nation’s multi-billion dollar gambling industry, and to the federal and provincial governments which receive massive revenue by taxing gambling. The Canadian Council of Churches and other faith groups are being approached to support the campaign for an inquiry into gambling.
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Ecumenist renews call for Universal Christian Council

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

Dr. Konrad Raiser, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, has renewed his call for the main Christian churches to start, in the year 2000, a process to lead to a universal Christian council uniting all churches and Christians. He requested the bodies of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Pentecostal churches to make a solemn promise not to rest until such a council has been achieved.
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To dialogue, or not?

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

Cooperation between the churches of Canada is at a significant level. We share our problems, we share our plans, we even share our resources. But what of dialogue? Are we talking about our theological perspectives as we cooperate? Or, has dialogue fallen into a secondary or tertiary importance?
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The church and the nation

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

In his address on “Nation and Identity” to the Anglican General Synod, the Rt. Rev. Andrew Hutchison, Bishop of Montreal said that his vision of the church in Quebec would see it stay out of partisan politics while pursuing goals of reconciliation, justice and peace. Bishop Hutchison told the Synod that the church has no mandate to advocate one form of government over another. “How we choose to organize ourselves for collective security and well being is a political question that must be settled by voters at the ballot box, be they Christian or not,” he said.  But he added: “We do, on the other hand, have a mandate … to strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.”
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In memory of Winifred O’Rourke

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

Winifred M. O’Rourke, a founding mother of the Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism, went to be with her Lord on October 8, 1997 at the age of 85. When the Centre was begun, she was responsible for setting up the library, spending many hours in organizing and cataloging the books. Her work and love of the Centre has been appreciated in so many ways through the years. Winifred also had a remarkable library of her own. Following her passing, her daughter Jennifer O’Rourke made many of those books available to the Centre. It is with sincere gratefulness that we have accepted this generous gift, as the collection of books has made a valuable addition to our library. For those of us who had the opportunity to know Winifred, it is like having a part of her with us.” All the books listed elsewhere in this issue are from this collection, and are available for borrowing. We wish to publicly thank the O’Rourke family for recognizing her mother’s deep love and understanding of ecumenism and thereby realizing that by passing on these books to our Centre, Winifred’s memory will continue to live on in the hearts of many people.
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Centre hires Associate Director

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

The Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism takes great pleasure in introducing Sister Anne Keffer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada who will become Associate Director of the Centre as of June 1, 1998. Sr. Anne Keffer completed her deaconess training at the Baltimore Deaconess School, and is an active member of the Lutheran Deaconess Community, ELCA (USA).
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Forging liaisons between neighbouring congregations is goal of Covenanting 2000

 — May 16, 199816 mai 1998

Giving visible witness to Christian unity is the goal of a number of Saskatoon churches which have joined themselves together in Covenanting 2000.

Rev. Walter Donovan, of Calvin Goforth Presbyterian Church, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Covenanting 2000 project. His church has been twinned with Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church for a two-year period.

Donovan is one of the eight church leaders and representatives who has signed the Covenanting 2000 pastoral letter encouraging local inter-church initiatives. It has also been signed by leaders and representatives of the Anglican Church of Canada, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Mennonite Ministerial, Orthodox Church of America, Roman Catholic and Ukrainian Catholic Churches, and the United Church of Canada.
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Orthodox churches hold WCC at arms’ length

 — May 8, 19988 mai 1998

A pan-Orthodox conference that took place from April 29 to May 2, 1998, at Thessaloniki, Greece, was devoted to relations between Orthodoxy and the ecumenical movement – a topic which has caused concern among very many people not only in the Russian but also other Local Orthodox Churches.
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ELCA’s David Tiede: Pursuit of Full Communion Is Complicated

 — May 6, 19986 mai 1998

ST. PAUL, Minn. (ELCA) — The Rev. David W. Tiede, president of Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., affirmed Lutheran commitment to ecumenism and explained the cultural and theological factors that make proposals for full communion between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Episcopal Church “complicated.” Tiede addressed a gathering of Lutherans and Episcopalians
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Anglicans, Lutherans present united witness of their faith

 — May 2, 19982 mai 1998

by Virginia Battiste, Saskatoon Star Phoenix Jesus prayed that all believers might be one. In Saskatoon, two churches are close to achieving that goal. After several years of dialogue on national and international fronts, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) are moving towards establishing closer ties that would
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Ecumenism Underlines ELCA-LCMS Differences

 — April 20, 199820 avril 1998

CHICAGO (ELCA) — Recent ecumenical decisions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) have underlined differences between the 5.2-million member church and the 2.5-million member Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). There are about 8.6 million Lutherans in North America. The ELCA’s 1997 Churchwide Assembly approved a relationship of “full communion” with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),
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Lutheran Bishops Encourage Ecumenical Progress

 — March 20, 199820 mars 1998

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (ELCA) — Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America meeting here March 5-10 adopted a statement encouraging members of the church to “participate in the ongoing development of the revised proposal for full communion” with The Episcopal Church. The Conference of Bishops’ action expressed gratitude that a first draft of a
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Congregational Ecumenism on the Prairies

 — March 15, 199815 mars 1998

Growing up in Winnipeg, I had a stereotypical image of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Albertans were cowboys and oilmen while people from Saskatchewan and rural Manitoba were all grain farmers. Saskatchewan was flat, dull, and almost barren. We used to joke, half seriously, that when driving west from Winnipeg one should leave in the evening so
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Ecumenical work will be honoured

 — February 7, 19987 févr. 1998

by Gordon Legge, Calgary Herald One of the city’s most energetic ecumenists is being honoured in mid-February by a Montreal organization. Anna Tremblay, a member of the Roman Catholic Commission for Ecumenism, is receiving the 1997 Ecumenical Leadership Award from Montreal’s Canadian Centre for Ecumenism. At the same time, Rev. Richard Stetson, Tremblay’s nominator, will
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Jacques Dupuis, <em>Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism</em>. Orbis Books, 1997. New ed. 2002. ISBN: 978-1570752643

Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism

 — January 24, 199824 janv. 1998

More than 25 years ago in Northern India I first met Fr Dupuis. That meeting prefigured my contact with his remarkable book, and was also thoroughly physical. As he gunned his Yugoslavian motorcycle along narrow roads in the foothills of the Himalayas, I clung to him for dear life and prayed not to fall into the cavernous valleys that flanked our route to a high-altitude Buddhist monastery. After visiting the monks Dupuis roared off down another road to a self-help Tibetan refugee camp directed by the Dalai Lama’s sister-in-law and then to a mountaineering school run by the Sherpa Tensing who had conquered Mount Everest in 1953 with Sir Edmund Hillary. These visits shaped my first impressions of Jacques Dupuis as someone who wanted direct contact with other religious traditions and was certainly not content to learn about them simply by reading texts at his desk.
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