Peace and Goodwill to all Peoples: KAIROS Christmas video

 — December 18, 201918 décembre 2019

In days leading up to Christmas, I walked through the streets of Bethlehem with Palestinians for whom it is home.

In this place of present day occupation, where people struggle to live in dignity and peace, you can’t help but reflect on the meaning of the story of Christmas. How is the good news of so many, many years ago revealed in our day, whether in Bethlehem, Barrancabermeja or the Downtown Eastside?

The answer came to me through the children. The ones who played peek-a-boo with me from their mother’s laps when we visited the women’s groups. The ones who tugged at my sleeves in the markets asking me to buy trinkets. The ones who play in the shadow of the separation wall, or who walk through groups of soldiers with machine guns as if it was the most normal of things—because it is.

God entered our world in the fragile frame of a child. Not only to reveal the extraordinary—the Prince of Peace—in human history, but to reveal the divine in the ordinary, to affirm the divine spark, the inherent value, in every child, in every human being. Remembering the Child born in the manger means remembering every child, and striving to make the world a worthy home for each precious life.

As we gather in churches, at dinner tables, around trees, or in walks through the snow—however we might celebrate—let us re-dedicate ourselves to a world of truth, justice and equity, where peace can truly be born. Let us strive to honour every child by creating a world worthy of the divine spark in each person. In many ways, our children are leading us.

I invite you to take a moment to watch a short video. Please share it with your family, friends and community. You are welcome to post it on Facebook and Twitter, show it in church and/or share it through your e-lists.

Deep Gratitude and Merry Christmas, from this Holy place.

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Pope Francis. Photo: Daniel Ibez - CNA

Pope Francis lifts “pontifical secret” from legal proceedings related to abuse trials of clerics

 — December 17, 201917 décembre 2019

Pope Francis declared Dec. 17, 2019 that the pontifical secret will no longer apply in cases of accusations and trials involving abuse of minors or vulnerable persons, and in cases of possession of child pornography by clerics.

With the instruction “On the Confidentiality of Legal Proceedings,” Pope Francis intends “to cancel in these cases the subjection to what is called the ‘pontifical secret’ bringing back instead the ‘level’ of confidentiality, dutifully required to protect the good reputation of the people involved,” according to Bishop Juan Ignacio Arrieta, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts.
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Participants in a local Christian-Muslim conversation group (left to right): Art Battiste, Bernard de Margerie, Asma Ahsan, Irfan Mir, Carol Pek, Angeline Battiste, Saba Ahsan, Margot Taylor, Abdullah Patel, and Fachrizal Halim.

Christians and Muslims: Friends in Conversation

 — December 10, 201910 décembre 2019

Christianity and Islam are two world religions that share a common theological root to Abrahamic tradition. The two religions also share complex histories of conflict and coexistence that span from the Middle Ages until the present day. While the groundwork to build understandings between Christians and Muslims has been laid down by Christian and Muslim leaders, the idea is still not fully articulated in a local context.

Wishing to pursue such an initiative among ordinary Christians and Muslims in Saskatoon, Fr. Bernard de Margerie, a Roman Catholic priest, and Fachrizal Halim, a Sunni Muslim professor of Islamic Studies at St. Thomas More College, Saskatoon, met in December, 2018 to discuss the possibility of having a Christian-Muslim conversation group. Both saw an urgent need to know more about each other’s faith and the importance of developing respect and friendships between the two faith communities.
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On 22 November, an ecumenical service was held in the basilica of the Sant'Anselmo Benedictine Abbey in Rome. Representatives of each of the four world communions and others in leadrship of the event are pictured here during the service. At the centre is a baptismal font used to commemorate our common baptism. The text of the Joint Declaration is seen on a lectern placed before the altar.

20th anniversary of Joint Declaration on Justification

 — November 28, 201928 novembre 2019

On Friday, 22 November 2019, an ecumenical prayer service including a commemoration of common baptism was held in the basilica of the Sant’Anselmo Benedictine Abbey in Rome.

The event marked the 20th anniversary of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification signed on Reformation Day 1999 (31 October) by the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church. A facsimile of the document was placed on a lectern in the apse of Sant ̍ Anselmo.

The Joint Declaration was subsequently approved by the World Methodist Council, the World Communion of Reformed Churches and the Anglican Communion.

The prayer service in Sant’Anselmo was conducted following the liturgical order drawn up by the Lutheran World Federation and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity for the international anniversary celebrations.
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Cristina Vanin, second from left, responds to feedback at the ‘One Baptism? A Symposium on Baptism and the Christian Life’ event during a panel discussion. Also pictured, from left to right: John Rempel, Mary (Joy) Philip, Anthony Siegrist and facilitator Jeremy Bergen. (Photo by Janet Bauman)

Deepening the meaning of baptism

 — November 20, 201920 novembre 2019

After five years of meetings by an international commission of Mennonites, Lutherans and Roman Catholics on the topic of baptism, John Rempel, the commission’s Mennonite representative, presented a trilateral report from that dialogue at an event called “One Baptism? A Symposium on Baptism and the Christian Life,” at Waterloo North Mennonite Church on Nov. 8.

Pastors, denominational leaders, professors and some students from Conrad Grebel University College attended the Anabaptist Learning Workshop event, sponsored by Grebel and Mennonite Church Eastern Canada.

Framed around scriptures emphasizing the image of the church as one body with one baptism, the symposium began and ended with times of worship. In between, Rempel summarized the report and then invited three people, one from each tradition, to respond. They formed a panel that fielded further comments and questions.

Mennonite World Conference (MWC) engaged in the trilateral dialogue because “Jesus Christ calls us to be one.” Participation was seen as a way to build on previous reconciliation efforts between the denominations, nurturing mutual understanding and cooperation.
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A bird flies through smog in New Delhi, India, Nov. 13, 2019. Pope Francis told participants at a Vatican City conference on criminal justice Nov. 15, that there are plans to include a definition of ecological and other “psycho-social phenomenon” hate sins in the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism will be updated to include ecological sins, pope says

 — November 15, 201915 novembre 2019

Following through on a proposal made at the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon, Pope Francis said there are plans to include a definition of ecological sins in the church’s official teaching.

“We should be introducing — we were thinking — in the Catechism of the Catholic Church the sin against ecology, ecological sin against the common home,” he told participants at a conference on criminal justice Nov. 15.

Members of the International Association of Penal Law were in Rome Nov. 13-16 for the conference, which centered on the theme, “Criminal Justice and Corporate Business.”

Pope Francis also denounced the abuse of law and legislation to justify acts of violence and hatred.
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Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. Photo: Gavriil Grigorov/Tass/PA Images

Patriarchs at war as Russian ‘cancels’ Alexandrian from prayers

 — November 11, 201911 novembre 2019

The Patriarchate of Alexandria has become the latest to recognise Ukraine’s new independent Orthodox church, prompting angry reactions from Russian leaders who bitterly opposed its establishment by the Ecumenical Patriarchate a year ago.

In a brief statement during a Cairo service, Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All-Africa said the recognition had been conferred after “many prayers and consultations” among his senior clergy. Meanwhile, in a second message to his bishops, published by Greece’s Orthodox Romfea news agency, Theodore confirmed the move, adding that it had followed “mature reflection” and many personal talks, and been taken out of “concern for peace and the Orthodox churches’ unity and wellbeing”.
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Members of the Reformed-Pentecostal Dialogue on the campus of the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, 23-30 October 2019

Reformed-Pentecostal dialogue distilling five years’ of discussion

 — November 2, 20192 novembre 2019

The sixth session of the Reformed-Pentecostal Dialogue, which has revolved around the understanding of “mission,” focused on bringing together the fruits of their five years of work: mission and salvation; the Holy Spirit and mission; mission and the unity of the church; mission and eschatology.

The work will be presented in a single document to be published next year. Dialogue participants hope that this publication will be useful for Reformed and Pentecostal churches to better understand each other and encourage common witness in word and action.
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The Revd Dr Will Adam with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in India yesterday.
Photo: Lambeth Palace

New Director of Unity, Faith and Order appointed for the Anglican Communion

 — September 3, 20193 septembre 2019

The Ecumenical Adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr William Adam, is to be the new Director of Unity, Faith and Order for the Anglican Communion. His new role, which he takes on with immediate effect, will be held alongside his role at Lambeth Palace, which he has held since 2017. He succeeds the Revd Canon Dr John Gibaut, who was appointed to the post in 2014 and held it until earlier this year, when he became President, Provost and Vice-Chancellor of Canada’s Thorneloe University.

Will Adam was ordained in the Church of England in 1994 and held parish appointments until taking up his post advising the Archbishop of Canterbury. From 2017 until now he has also served as Ecumenical Officer in the Church of England’s Council for Christian Unity. He has experience of ecumenical dialogue at national and international level.
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New Orthodox-Catholic statement on the Vocation and Mission of the People of God

 — August 6, 20196 aoüt 2019

The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation has released a new agreed statement entitled, The Vocation and Mission of the People of God: “A Chosen Race, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation”. The document was finalized at the most recent meeting of the Consultation which took place in late May of this year at the Saint Methodios Faith and Heritage Center in Contoocook, New Hampshire. The Consultation is co-chaired by Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, the Catholic Archbishop of Newark, and by Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Methodios of Boston.
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