For our purposes here, the term "anabaptist" is understood to include the church traditions that arose in the 16th century "Radical Reformation". While the term also refers to the practice of adult baptism, other believers' baptism churches are listed separately. Thus, the churches listed below are limited to the Mennonite, Brethren in Christ, Hutterite, and Amish.

It is extremely difficult to classify Anabaptist churches by their name, or even by their web presence. To truly know a church one must be involved in the community for a significant period of time. It is possible that we have mis-catalogued some sites. Please help us to correct any errors, and to add further links. Email us at .

Ministères inter-Mennonite

Inter-Mennonite ministries

Ressources d'internet

Internet Resources

Mennonite schools

Écoles Mennonites