Ecumenist renews call for Universal Christian Council

 — June 1, 19981 juin 1998

Dr. Konrad Raiser, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, has renewed his call for the main Christian churches to start, in the year 2000, a process to lead to a universal Christian council uniting all churches and Christians. He requested the bodies of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Pentecostal churches to make a solemn promise not to rest until such a council has been achieved. Raiser was speaking at a gathering organized by the Council of Churches in the Netherlands, to which the Dutch evangelical alliance was invited for the first time.

According to Teun van der Leer, chairman of the evangelical alliance, the year 2000 should mark the start of re-evangelizing Europe rather than bringing church organizations together. Ineke Bakker, general secretary of the Netherlands Council of Churches suggested that it was better to organize activities together as churches rather than to have formal talks about doctrine. “Unity grows when we do things together,” she said. To encourage cooperation among all the churches she suggested giving the Third World a higher priority among church concerns. (Ecumenical News International Bulletin)

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