Ecumenical work will be honoured

 — Feb. 7, 19987 févr. 1998

by Gordon Legge, Calgary Herald

One of the city’s most energetic ecumenists is being honoured in mid-February by a Montreal organization. Anna Tremblay, a member of the Roman Catholic Commission for Ecumenism, is receiving the 1997 Ecumenical Leadership Award from Montreal’s Canadian Centre for Ecumenism.

At the same time, Rev. Richard Stetson, Tremblay’s nominator, will also be recognized at the ceremony for his contributions to ecumenism before leaving the city for a new post in Winnipeg.

Tremblay was one of the key behind-the-scenes workers who helped put in place Covenant 1996, an historic agreement of co-operation among Anglicans, Lutherans and Roman Catholics. She subsequently was a key organizer for the 1997 Summer Ecumenical Institute held in Calgary.

Tremblay’s nomination was supported by the Catholic commission, the Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism and the Calgary L’Arche community.

Throughout the process of over two years, Anna worked with energy and focus, serving in several capacities, says the December issue of Ecumenism.

Quoting a letter of support, the magazine said, “She was the heart and soul of the working group. If from time to time we got discouraged, she would always inspire us to a renewed effort. Without her, a lot of the nuts and bolts would have been neglected.”

In honouring Tremblay, the centre said it also honours others like her who work tirelessly to implement ecumenism and bring together people from various Christian denominations.

“She, and they, exemplify the creativity, faithfulness and energy of the spirit of ecumenism in our time.”

The presentation will be made at a special luncheon on Feb. 18 at the FCJ Centre, 219 19th Ave. S.W. at Noon. Cost is $10. RSVP by Feb. 16 by calling Everett or Cheryl, 278-0249.

Stetson, who is leaving Calgary to become assistant to Most. Rev. Telmor Sartison, will also be recognized at the luncheon for his role in the Calgary Covenant Commission.

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