Le CCE se réunit à Québec

 — May 24, 202324 mai 2023

Cette semaine, les membres du Conseil de direction du Conseil Canadien des Églises se réuniront au Monastère des Augustines, à Québec, pour leur réunion du printemps 2023 (du 24 au 26 mai 2023).

La décision de convoquer cette réunion dans une ville francophone a été prise par le Conseil de direction après une saison de discernement sur ce que le Conseil pouvait faire pour mieux comprendre la vie de l’Église et de ses membres au Québec et améliorer ses relations avec elle.

En conséquence, cette réunion a été organisée non comme une visite touristique, mais plutôt comme une expérience authentique et une rencontre avec l’Église et la communauté du Québec. La réunion et la documentation seront en français dans toute la mesure du possible, avec interprétation et traduction offertes en tout temps.

Le Conseil et son Conseil de direction se réjouissent à l’avance de conversations et de dialogue fructueux et de l’occasion de mieux connaître et de mieux comprendre la société du Québec, et spécialement l’évolution actuelle du sécularisme, de la laïcité, du pluralisme et de la liberté religieuse.

This week, members of the Canadian Council of Churches’ Governing Board will gather at Le Monastère des Augustines in Québec City for their Spring 2023 meeting (May 24-26, 2023).

The decision to convene this meeting in a Francophone city was arrived at by the Governing Board after a season of discerning how the Council can work towards better understanding of and connection with the life of the church and its members in Québec.

Accordingly, this meeting has been formulated not as a tourist visit, but rather as a genuine experience and engagement with the Québec church and community. As much of the meeting and documentation as possible will be in French, with interpretation and translation offered throughout.

The Council and its Governing Board look forward to fruitful conversations and dialogue, and the opportunity to better experience and understand Québec society, especially current developments in secularism, laïcité, pluralism, and religious freedom.

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Patriarch Kirill meets with Rev Dr Jerry Pillay, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, and a WCC peace delegation

WCC delegation goes to Moscow on peace mission

 — May 18, 202318 mai 2023

The general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Rev. Dr. Jerry Pillay, has led a delegation to Moscow to meet with leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church, including Patriarch Kirill. The 24-hour visit, which was taking place on Wednesday and Thursday, followed a similar WCC trip from May 10-13 to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

“Consolidation and unity in Ukrainian society, including especially among the majority Christian Orthodox believers, is an obvious necessity in the current circumstances faced by the nation and people of Ukraine” observed Rev. Pillay. “We visited Moscow to discuss engagement also by the Russian Orthodox Church in dialogue on the war and its consequences, including with regard to the deep divisions in the Orthodox family in this context,” Pillay reported, “and I am grateful for HH Patriarch Kirill’s commitment to exploring this possibility.”
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Coptic Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and patrarch of the See of St. Mark visited the offices of the Synod Secretariat in Rome. Pictured here, Msgr. Luis Marín de San Martín, undersecretary of the Synod, and Cardinal Mario Grech, secretary general of the Synod

Pope Tawadros II blesses the synodal process of the Catholic Church

 — May 12, 202312 mai 2023

“Your Holiness, we humbly ask you to bless our synodal journey and to accompany us with your prayers, yours personally and those of your Church, that we may know how to put ourselves in the Spirit’s hands!”, it was with this particular request that Cardinal Mario Grech concluded his address of greeting this morning to His Holiness Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, accompanied by an eminent delegation of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
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Pope Francis kisses one of the relics Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, Egypt, gave him of the 21 Coptic martyrs murdered by Islamic State terrorists in 2015 The two popes met in the library of the Apostolic Palace in Rome

United in prayer: Pope adds Coptic Orthodox martyrs to Catholic calendar

 — May 11, 202311 mai 2023

Pope Francis has continued his predecessors’ serious commitment to ecumenical dialogue, but he also makes ecumenical gestures that underline that seriousness. Meeting Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, Egypt, Pope Francis paid tribute to the 21 Coptic martyrs murdered by Islamic State in 2015, noting they were killed for being Christian, not for being Orthodox. And he announced that they would be added to the Roman Martyrology, the book-length calendar of saints and blessed remembered by Catholics at Mass.
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Pope Francis speaks at an event marking the 50th anniversary of the Synod of Bishops in Paul VI hall at the Vatican. The pope in his speech outlined his vision for how the entire church must be

Francis’ synod reforms show voices of Catholic laity can no longer be ignored

 — May 10, 202310 mai 2023

Pope Francis’ decision in late April to include lay persons as full participants with voting rights in the upcoming Synod of Bishops is a significant step towards making the synod a body that more adequately represents and embodies an act of discernment by the whole entire people of God.

In exhorting the pastors of the local churches to embark upon a synodal process with the whole community of the baptized and listen to the voices of the marginalized, the pope has been seeking to reawaken the muscle memory of the ecclesial body.
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Britain’s King Charles III greets well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace in London a day before his coronation takes place at Westminster Abbey

Coronation ceremony marks turning point in Catholic-Anglican relations

 — May 6, 20236 mai 2023

When King Charles III and his wife, Queen Consort Camila, are crowned on Saturday, the event will mark a historic juncture in Catholic-Anglican relations, as it will be the first time a Catholic bishop has participated in the ceremony in four centuries.

In a May 5 statement, the Archdiocese of Westminster in the UK, overseen by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, called Saturday’s coronation “an historic occasion for the nation, and also for the Catholic community.”

“For the first time in over 400 years, a Catholic Archbishop will take part in a Coronation in this country,” the statement said, referring to the fact that Nichols has not only been invited to attend the ceremony, but he will also give a blessing.
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An Indigenous artifact on display at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ont. Such artifacts are held in museums across Canada and around the world, including the Vatican Museums. Pope Francis, in a news conference aboard the papal plane back to Rome from Hungary on April 30, said the Vatican is making sure these artifacts are returned

Pope Francis pushes return of Indigenous artifacts

 — May 3, 20233 mai 2023

Pope Francis is getting personally involved in making sure sacred items and cultural artifacts held in the Vatican Museums are returned to Canadian Indigenous communities.

“The restitution of Indigenous things of Canada is underway, at least we agreed to do so,” Pope Francis told reporters during his news conference on the plane trip back to Rome April 30 following his papal visit to Hungary. “I will now ask how that’s going.”
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Calendario Pasquale, an Easter calendar for the years 532-632 CE. Museum of Ravenna Cathedral

Seeking a Common Date for Easter | One Body

 — Apr. 27, 202327 avril 2023

Have you ever greeted a neighbour with a “Happy Easter,” only to learn that they are still in the season of Lent and won’t be celebrating the Feast for another couple of weeks? In areas where Christians of different denominations live closely together, especially Eastern and Western churches, the search for a common date to celebrate Christ’s resurrection has become an urgent concern. As St. Paul makes clear (1 Corinthians 15:12-14), belief in the resurrection is a fundamental aspect of the apostolic faith. By celebrating this event on different days, Christians compromise their credibility and effectiveness in bringing the Gospel to an increasingly secular world.
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A painting 'Columbus taking possession of the new country' by American artist Louis Prang (1893)

An assumption of grace: The Doctrine of Discovery in 2023

 — Apr. 20, 202320 avril 2023

After the Vatican’s recent repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery, I spent two hours speaking with three Indigenous people about the 500-year-old church doctrine that is as much the bedrock of Canada as the Canadian Shield.

I asked about its relevance, the potential of its undoing, and a question I had never asked before. Those discussions left me feeling both low-level dread and an almost irresistible sense of the possibility of grace. First, what is the Doctrine of Discovery?

“The story of the Doctrine is the story of how you can obtain other people’s land by magic,” retired judge Harry LaForme told the Globe and Mail in 2022. “You just sprinkle these papal bulls and you get it.”
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Choirs and congregations will soon have the new hymnal to replace <em>Catholic Book of Worship III</em>, expected to be released in 2024

New Catholic hymnal expected for 2024

 — Apr. 19, 202319 avril 2023

By the time the Catholic Book of Worship III hits its 30th birthday in 2024, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops hopes to have its replacement sitting in the pews.

Music for Catholic Worship (it is not to be called CBW IV) “will soon be entering the layout stage, which will be followed in due course by printing and marketing,” National Liturgy Office director Christina Ronzio told The Catholic Register  by email. “The CCCB will announce a publication date when the manuscript goes to the printer, as there are many variables to consider when deriving that date.”
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