Plans for Trilateral Dialogue with Lutherans, Roman Catholics and Mennonites

 — June 17, 201117 juin 2011

[LWI] At its meeting in Geneva, 9-14 June, The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Council approved plans for a three-way talks that will include Lutherans, Roman Catholics and Mennonites.

On the final day of its meeting, the Council, receiving recommendations from the Program Committees for Theology and Studies, and for Ecumenical Affairs that met jointly, accepted plans for a Trilateral Dialogue Commission composed of four representatives each from the LWF, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Mennonite World Conference.

The Council asked LWF General Secretary Rev. Martin Junge, in consultation with member churches, to identify and propose names of Lutheran members to the Commission, considering the importance of gender and regional representation and familiarity with the ecumenical partners and the issues to be discussed.

The general secretary was also asked to continue the process of preparing for a Lutheran-Pentecostal International Commission and report his progress to the next Council meeting.

The Council re-affirmed the strong commitment of the LWF to the work being conducted by the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France. The governing body thanked the institute for its substantial contributions to the bilateral dialogues, in particular to the Lutheran-Mennonite International Study Commission and to the Lutheran-Pentecostal conversations, and for its continued support to the LWF Office for Ecumenical Affairs.

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