Emmanuel-St. Chad & LTS ink lease agreement

 — Aug. 9, 20059 aoüt 2005

The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad has signed a lease agreement with the Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) that will lead to sharing the LTS building for the next three years. Emmanuel-St. Chad is the Anglican college in the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU), in partnership with LTS and St. Andrew’s, the United Church college. For a number of years the colleges have been considering increased levels of sharing in programmes and facilities. The possibility of building a single shared facility for the three colleges has been actively considered by the STU. The recent financial woes of Emmanuel-St. Chad’s have placed building plans on the back-burner until now.

This past spring it was widely reported that Emmanuel-St. Chad’s was on the brink of closing its doors due to the financial crisis. Due to the generosity of two donors, the college has been able to avert closure. In addition, the University of Saskatchewan has returned to negotiations with the college on the purchase of the college buildings. If, or when, the university purchases the property, the funds will greatly assist Emmanuel-St. Chad’s in replenishing its depleted endowment. The endowment is reported to be approximately $3 million currently. An estimated $8.5 million is required to maintain the college’s current budget. A further capital campaign will be needed to reach this goal.

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