Press release re: College of Emmanuel & St. Chad impending closure

 — Apr. 27, 200527 avril 2005

As Christian leaders in Saskatoon we are hearing with deep concern the report of the impending closure of the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, the Anglican theological college in Saskatoon.

Theological education on the University of Saskatchewan campus has been a beacon of hope for prairie communities through the cooperation of Anglican, Lutheran and United Church seminaries in training men and women for ministry in several denominations. Cooperative training has grown in importance due to the strong value of ecumenical relationships in city and rural churches alike.

The loss of Emmanuel-St. Chad will undermine the ability of the church to support rural congregations with clergy trained for the ecumenical context. It will undercut the role of congregations to be places of hope in rural communities. Its loss will diminish the ecumenical spirit of cooperation in training and ministry.

We offer our support in prayer to Emmanuel-St. Chad’s council, administration, students, staff and faculty in this difficult time.

Rev. Dr Jan Bigland-Pritchard
Director, Prairie Centre for Ecumenism
On behalf of the Saskatoon Local Church Leaders Group

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