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On Thursday, April 30, Dr. Gordon Smith of Ambrose University in Calgary gave a public lecture entitled “What Can Evangelicals Learn from Catholic Christians? An Evangelical Response”. Smith is the president of Ambrose University, a college affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene and the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Canada. He is also a professor of theology and a spiritual director. He has spoken on other occasions about the importance of Evangelical-Catholic relations for the contemporary church. He was invited to Saskatoon by the Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Saskatoon to offer a reflection from an Evangelical perspective on the Catholic Church following the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

Following Dr. Smith’s presentation, Gertrude Rompré and Dr. Jeromey Martini offered responses. Rompré is the director of Mission and Ministry at St. Thomas More College in Saskatoon. Martini is the president of Horizon College in Saskatoon, a professor of New Testament Studies, and a member of the local dialogue group. An extended period was available for question and answer, with questions about the details of Smith’s talk as well as the continuing prospects for dialogue. A video of Smith’s presentation is available. Over the next days additional video segments will be added here, including respondents Gertrude Rompré and Dr. Jeromey Martini. Smith’s outline is available as well.
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