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Much of Gayle Weenie’s time after hours is spent on a project she’s passionate about: creating an authoritative Plains Cree translation of the Bible. “I think about all those people who were punished when they went to residential school for speaking their First Nation languages… and it’s now kind of coming full circle and we’re trying to revive them,” explained Weenie during an interview on CBC’s Saskatoon Morning. While portions of the Bible have been translated previously, Weenie said the text is sometimes incomplete or needs refinement. Also, many translations are exclusively in syllabics. “Northern communities in Saskatchewan tend to have Bibles written in syllabics and we’re trying to promote the use of the Cree language with our people by using Roman orthography,” Weenie said. Weenie said for people just learning Plains Cree, rendering words in English characters can make it easier to pick up because the two languages share many sounds in common.
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30 days + 30 amazing United Church leaders and over a dozen posts by special guests (Shane Claiborne, Lois Wilson, Dennis Gruending, Donna Sinclair, Fulata Lusungu Moyo, Gary Paterson (the UCC Moderator) and more…) = one of the coolest, free (yep-free) social media based Bible studies ever. For the whole month of June, join spiritual seekers coast to coast to rock the Bible from various perspectives and have a rockin’ time doing it. Get ready! Join the Facebook Group “Rock The Bible” today.
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