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 — May 11, 201311 mai 2013

A group of thirty United Church leaders have developed a new social media Bible study project. For thirty days in June 2013 they will be inviting you to join in study, reflection, and discussion on a number of subjects of Christian interest. Coordinated by a Facebook group, the social media experiment is open to the ecumenical community. Join the Facebook group and join the discussion in June. Here is a bulletin announcement:

30 days + 30 amazing United Church leaders and over a dozen posts by special guests (Shane Claiborne, Lois Wilson, Dennis Gruending, Donna Sinclair, Fulata Lusungu Moyo, Gary Paterson (the UCC Moderator) and more…) = one of the coolest, free (yep-free) social media based Bible studies ever. For the whole month of June, join spiritual seekers coast to coast to rock the Bible from various perspectives and have a rockin’ time doing it. Get ready! Join the Facebook Group “Rock The Bible” today.

There is also a poster and a video:

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