Subject Matters: interview with Nicholas Jesson about ‘Towards Unity’

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About the book: Towards Unity: Ecumenical Dialogue 500 Years after the Reformation

In 2017, we mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This Festschrift in honour of Monsignor John Radano, who served as head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity‘s Western section for nearly 25 years, offers a window on what has been achieved through ecumenical dialogue over the past 50 years. It also reminds us of the importance of ecumenical friendship in advancing the cause of Christian unity.

Since the Reformation, Christian unity has suffered many failures. Yet, especially in more recent times, it has also celebrated encouraging successes. Disparate Christian traditions are beginning to trust each other. Will Christians eventually find one shared identity? What are the theological and ecclesial challenges ahead? This timely collection of essays by prominent Catholic and Protestant ecumenists witnesses a hope for a future Christian unity born out of 50 years of honest and genuine dialogue.

Towards Unity – a collection of papers by major ecumenical contributors – reflects with passion and hope on bilateral dialogues, the ecumenical movement, and organizations that promote multilateral relationships. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, the scandal of division is giving birth to renewed relationships, dialogue, and awareness.

About the series Subject Matters

As digital content continues to sweep across the communications world, books are becoming more peripheral in people’s lives. And yet, they are as relevant as ever. Host Sebastian Gomes sits down with authors and editors to discuss books of interest, from pressing political and cultural issues to questions and debates about the supernatural.

Two criteria are used in the selection of books: Is the book relevant? And, is the book readable? With the production of Subject Matters, S+L hopes to reignite interest in the ancient art of the written word and spark the imaginations of a new generation of book lovers.

Beautifully filmed on location at Ben McNally Books in downtown Toronto, Subject Matters links the old with the new to create a viewing experience that is visually stunning and rich in content. Each 30-minute episode features an interview with the author, discussion on the contemporary relevance of the topic and a peer review segment for a broad and substantial analysis of current and relevant ideas in a powerfully creative viewing experience.

Watch the full series in HD, including many extras, on the official website:

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