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Towards Unity: Ecumenical Dialogue 500 Years after the Reformation

Towards Unity: Ecumenical Dialogue 500 Years after the Reformation
Bolen, Donald, Nicholas Jesson, and Donna Geernaert, SC
Novalis, 2017
ISBN: 978-2-8968-8422-3, $32.95
Subject: Ecumenical dialogue, Reformation 500

Expected date of publication: March 2017

Donald Bolen

Cardinal Walter Kasper

1. Reflections on the Pursuit of Christian Unity during my years at the Pontifical Council
Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy

2. Artisans of Reconciliation: Catechesis of Memory and Freedom
Jeffrey Gros, FSC

3. The Church: Towards a Common Vision - Ecumenical Breakthrough and Ecumenical Hope
Mary Tanner

4. Synodality: When is it Necessary to Decide Together?
James F. Puglisi, SA

5. The Wesley Brothers in Methodist-Catholic Dialogue
Geoffrey Wainwright

6. The History, Methodology, and Implications for Ecumenical Reception of The Apostolicity of the Church
William G. Rusch

7. Teaching Authority: Catholics, Disciples of Christ, and Lutherans
Margaret O'Gara

8. Reign of God, Koinonia, Church: An Emerging Consensus?
Donna Geernaert, SC

9. Beyond "Confessionalism": The Specificity and Challenge of Reformed Ecumenicity
Odair Pedroso Mateus

10. Mennonite Engagement in International Ecumenical Conversations: Experiences, Perspectives, Guiding Principles
Helmut Harder and Larry Miller

11. Some Pentecostal Reflections on Current Catholic-Pentecostal Relations: What Are We Learning?
Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

12. From Isolation and Contrariety to Involvement and Consideration: An "Ecumenical" Pilgrimage. An Existential Essay in Tribute to a Friend
Bert B. Beach

13. An Evangelical Reading of Ut Unum Sint
Henri A. G. Blocher

14. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ecumenical Movement
William Henn, OFM Cap.

15. The Unity We Seek: The Development of Concepts of Christian Unity in Faith and Order
Günther Gassmann

16. From Mutual Recognition to Mutual Accountability: A Next Step for the Ecumenical Movement
Thomas F. Best

17. A Pilgrimage Towards Christian Unity: A Baptist/Evangelical Discussion with the World Council of Churches
Denton Lotz

18. Breaking New Ground: The Global Christian Forum
Huibert van Beek

Postscript: Monsignor John Radano – the Person
Anthony J. Farquhar