Sacramental sharing in Saskatoon – UPDATE

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As reported here in February, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon has issued a revised policy on Sacramental Sharing. This policy is the product of many years of reflection by Bishop Albert LeGatt and the diocesan ecumenical commission. The policy initially introduced in 2005 was revised and re-issued as a result of wide consultations during the implementation of the policy.

When the revised policy was issued last winter, one document originally issued in 2005 remained unchanged. The “Pastoral Notes” issued by Bishop LeGatt are intended to assist priests and lay-people in interpreting and implementing the diocesan policy. Bishop LeGatt has personally undertaken revision of the notes over the past summer, and the revised notes are now available on our website.

Pastoral Notes for Sacramental Sharing in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon (rev. August 22, 2008)

The Notes and the Directives are commended to the people of Saskatoon for study, reflection, and implementation. Questions and comments may be directed to the Saskatoon Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism through the Catholic Pastoral Centre or to the bishop’s ecumenical officer Fr. Bernard de Margerie.

It should be noted that the diocesan policy described in these documents is based on and derived from the Vatican’s Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism and the Code of Canon Law. Nevertheless, the Saskatoon policy is issued for the Roman Catholic diocese of Saskatoon. It is not intended for the other Catholic dioceses and eparchies in Saskatchewan or elsewhere. In other places, in the absence of local directives the Vatican’s directory and the Code of Canon Law should be consulted.

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