KAIROS Statement on the Canadian government’s Clean Air Act

 — Oct. 20, 200620 oct. 2006

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For years, the Canadian churches have made care for the Earth an integral aspect of their justice work. There is no greater threat to our collective future than the destruction of the ecosystems upon which all life is dependent. Caring for Creation is a spiritual commitment to God that is not optional in our faith.

The Canadian government’s Clean Air Act announced on October 19 as the centerpiece of its so-called “Made in Canada” Green Plan for Canada lacks the vision and courage to seriously tackle climate change.

Reduction in harmful air pollutants is welcome, but diverts attention from the far greater threat to Canadians’ long-term health posed by the dramatic climate changes resulting from dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The fact that the Kyoto Accord is not even mentioned in the government’s Clean Air Act is further evidence of our government’s intention to abandon Canada’s targets in this critical international agreement.

The Canadian churches were actively involved in campaigning for Canada’s participation in the Kyoto Accord. KAIROS believes that Kyoto is the minimum commitment Canada should contribute to the global effort to avert catastrophic climate change. Kyoto requires Canada to make a 6% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 from 1990 levels. The overall global reduction target of Kyoto within the same time period is 5%. Scientists state that to avoid an overall global warming increase of 2 degrees Celsius — considered the threshold for dramatic climate change — greenhouses gases must be reduced by 70% from 1990 levels by 2050. Seen in that light, Kyoto is a small but significant step in addressing climate change.

The Canadian government announcement commits to reducing greenhouse gases by 45 – 65% by 2050. Meant to appear as at least a half measure towards the overall global goal, the promise fails to be substantiated at the level of the details.

Read the complete KAIROS statement issued today.
Further information about KAIROS’ Climate Change program is also available.

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