KAIROS election kit now available–give your candidates a holiday present!

 — Dec. 19, 200519 déc. 2005

[KAIROS Canada] The upcoming federal election has been seen by many as an intrusion on the Christmas season — something that doesn’t — and shouldn’t — be on our minds during this festive, family time. At KAIROS, we think there is another way to look at the relationship between Christmas and public affairs. Perhaps the Christmas season is the best time for an election campaign. Christmas, after all, is a time when we find a renewed sense of deep promise for a troubled world.

KAIROS has put together a resource to assist people in engaging meaningfully in the debate leading up to the election. With many Canadians of faith and goodwill we seek a Canada that defends human rights, promotes economic justice and cares for resources in a sustainable and equitable way. Our election resource explores a number of key issues that flow from this vision through analysis of the current reality and questions for candidates. We hope that it will assist you as you bring core issues into the debate–whether that be in call-in shows, all candidates meetings, door-to-door canvassing or in conversations at the corner grocery store. The resource is available at www.kairoscanada.org/e/action/election/index.asp.

Let’s not reject politics at this time steeped in meaning. Instead, let’s bring the season’s spirit of hope and promise and make this a truly meaning-filled election as we deeply engage with the issues that resolved would lead to a better world for all.

For more information, contact Sara Stratton, Network and Campaign Coordinator, at 1-877-403-8933 x241 or

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