2001 Canadian ecumenical leadership award

 — Mar. 31, 200131 mars 2001

In recognition of their contribution to ecumenism on the local, national and international levels, the 2001 Ecumenical Leadership Award is presented to Ray and Fenella Temmerman.

Ray, along with his wife Fenella, are an interchurch couple who have been active in the Canadian Association of Interchurch Families since it was established in 1996. Ray pioneered interchurch families on the Internet, by establishing the interchurch families website [www.interchurchfamilies.org] which is the premiere website for interchurch families worldwide. His website hosts information on interchurch families and their associations around the world and in several languages. Ray continues to be the webmaster and email list administrator for interchurch families.

From August 1-6, 2001 Canada hosted an international conference for interchurch families in Edmonton, Alberta. This conference brought together families from eight countries on three continents to share their joys and pains of interchurch life. The success of this conference is largely due to Ray’s efforts. Ray was involved in the planning for the 2001 conference since it was conceived in July 1998 and was an anchor in the planning from the beginning. He set up an e-mail list expressly for the preparation of this conference and ensured that Canadian families from across the country had input into the format and content of the conference. He also organised regular Internet chat sessions leading up to the conference where people from around the world, including a couple from England, discussed electronically, issues relating to the conference. It was through these chat sessions that the site for the conference was decided, the theme for the conference was established, and the keynote speakers were selected, among other issues. Ray’s expertise with computers and the Internet has given people from across the country a chance to make a real contribution to the conference.

Ray and Fenella’s involvement in the Canadian conference was not limited to the Internet. They made several trips to Edmonton to select a location for the conference and to meet with local conference organizers. During the conference, Ray introduced keynote speakers and daily updated the CAIF web site with conference pictures and news for the benefit of those who could not attend. Fenella organized the preparation of an open letter to the churches of the world that remains a very tangible result of the conference.

Ray and Fenella are a most deserving couple for this award. As much as Ray has been a pivotal player on the CAIF website and for the conference, he could not have done it without the constant support of his wife. Fenella was always there for him to discuss difficult issues, to sort out the many different opinions that need to be considered, and as a constant source of encouragement.

To promote and recognize grass-roots ecumenical leadership on the local or regional level, the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism confers an annual Ecumenical Leadership Award. Nominations may be made directly to the Centre by email.

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