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Catholic Bishops Bring Formal Greetings to NCCCUSA

NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS BRINGS FORMAL GREETINGS TO NCC BISHOP GIVEN NCC’S RESPONSE TO PAPAL ENCYCLICAL ON ECUMENISM [CHICAGO] For the second year running, a representative from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops brought formal greetings to the National Council of Churches’ annual General Assembly, where he was given a copy of the NCC’s
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Book Review: Margaret O’Gara, The Ecumenical Gift Exchange

Margaret O’Gara, The Ecumenical Gift ExchangeI remember, as an MA student, reading one of Margaret O’Gara’s essays in Grail on petrine ministry and what she called “the ecumenical gift exchange.” Drawing a comparison to the exchange of gifts in a large family at Christmas, O’Gara says that “in ecumenical dialogue, each Christian communion brings one or many gifts to the dialogue table, and each receives riches from their dialogue partners as well. But in the ecumenical gift exchange, the gift-giving enriches all of the partners, since we do not lose our gifts by sharing them with others.” Throughout my own research and the past four years of ecumenical ministry I have kept this concept close at hand.

O’Gara’s new book The Ecumenical Gift Exchange collects her own essays exploring issues of contemporary ecumenical dialogue, particularly: petrine ministry; infallibility; authority and dissent; feminism, and of utmost importance: the process of reception itself. How does one church receive the gifts of another? What level of agreement is necessary? When does the dialogue move from talking to acting? How does dialogue lead to repentance and then to reception?

She points out, “In a sense, the entire ecumenical movement rests on the recognition of the need for repentance, a willingness to ask whether we have a beam in our own eye before we concern ourselves with the mote in the eye of the other.”
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