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U.S. right accuses Pope of spreading anti-capitalist thoughts

If Pope Francis is trying to lead Americans away from capitalism, it seems that he couldn't have come to the United States at a better time, Don Pittis writes. Photo by: Associated Press“My fear is that he’s just nudging the public to be more hostile toward the idea of free markets,” said Stephanie Slade in a CBC Radio interview.

Slade, a self-professed libertarian and a practicing Catholic, comes off as a relatively moderate opponent of Pope Francis’s statements about unfettered capitalism. In the set-up to a debate on the subject, CBC’s The Current captured some truly vitriolic comments from people who don’t like the Pope’s message.

The Pope, who will deliver an address to the United Nations in New York today, has been labelled a “luddite leftist.” The chief economist at the conservative Heritage Foundation accuses him of having “Marxist leanings.”
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