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 — December 18, 201918 décembre 2019

In days leading up to Christmas, I walked through the streets of Bethlehem with Palestinians for whom it is home.

In this place of present day occupation, where people struggle to live in dignity and peace, you can’t help but reflect on the meaning of the story of Christmas. How is the good news of so many, many years ago revealed in our day, whether in Bethlehem, Barrancabermeja or the Downtown Eastside?

The answer came to me through the children. The ones who played peek-a-boo with me from their mother’s laps when we visited the women’s groups. The ones who tugged at my sleeves in the markets asking me to buy trinkets. The ones who play in the shadow of the separation wall, or who walk through groups of soldiers with machine guns as if it was the most normal of things—because it is.

God entered our world in the fragile frame of a child. Not only to reveal the extraordinary—the Prince of Peace—in human history, but to reveal the divine in the ordinary, to affirm the divine spark, the inherent value, in every child, in every human being. Remembering the Child born in the manger means remembering every child, and striving to make the world a worthy home for each precious life.

As we gather in churches, at dinner tables, around trees, or in walks through the snow—however we might celebrate—let us re-dedicate ourselves to a world of truth, justice and equity, where peace can truly be born. Let us strive to honour every child by creating a world worthy of the divine spark in each person. In many ways, our children are leading us.

I invite you to take a moment to watch a short video. Please share it with your family, friends and community. You are welcome to post it on Facebook and Twitter, show it in church and/or share it through your e-lists.

Deep Gratitude and Merry Christmas, from this Holy place.

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