The Canadian Council of Churches addresses US health care debates

 — Aug. 14, 200914 aoüt 2009

The Canadian Council of Churches has written to three of the largest church bodies in the United States – the National Council of Churches, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the National Association of Evangelicals – to share experiences in similar debates on health care that have taken place in Canada.

Noting that Canadians are aware that certain lobby groups and media outlets in the United States regularly use critical references to Canada’s health care system and interviews with Canadian citizens to support their arguments, and that a publicly administered, single-payer system such as we have in Canada has not been proposed by Washington law makers, the letter states that, “the principles guiding our health care system have an unmistakable affinity with the love of neighbour…”

The experience of the Council is offered to the NCC, USCCB, and the NAE, with a view of sharing wisdom without imposition. The letter is one of solidarity, which affirms the belief that health care is a moral enterprise that must be undertaken in the advocacy work of Christian churches.

Given the timely and critical nature of these debates, the voice of the churches must not go unheard.

Look here for the complete text of the letter.

For more information or an interview please contact:
Erin Green
Communications Officer
The Canadian Council of Churches
416.972.9494 x 42

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