WEA Berlin Declaration on Jewish Evangelism

 — Aug. 25, 200825 aoüt 2008

World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission issues statement on Jewish Evangelism

A declaration calling for “Renewed commitment to the task of Jewish evangelism” and “Recognition of the uniqueness of Christ as the crucified, resurrected and divine Messiah who alone can save from death and bring eternal life” has been issued by the WEA Theological Commission. “The Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today” was developed by a task force of the Theological Commission at a consultation in Berlin, Germany August 18-22, 2008. The 1200 word statement also calls for reconciliation and unity amongst believers in Jesus, respect for religious conviction and liberty that allows frank discussion of religious claims and repentance from all expressions of anti-Semitism and all other forms of genocide, prejudice and discrimination.

The consultation, which was five years in planning, was called to address current concerns about the necessity and theological basis for Jewish evangelism especially in the setting of Germany and Europe as a whole. It involved 12 scholars from the Theological Commission, key seminaries and other organisations. It also included practitioners engaged in ministry amongst Jewish people, and Christians from Germany and Messianic Jews. A total of 13 papers were presented covering biblical, theological and practical matters which provided the background for the Declaration. A spokesman for the TC said that plans are in hand for the publication of the papers as an additional resource for those interested.

The Berlin Declaration 2008 follows in the wake of earlier documents produced by the WEA on Jewish evangelism. The first was the Willowbank Declaration of 1989 which was hailed at the time as a decisive statement and continues to be referred to as a landmark document. The second was a brief statement reinforcing the validity and importance of Jewish evangelism which appeared in the New York Times in 2008, with 54 signatures (and more endorsements later). TC Executive Director, Dr David Parker, said, “With the background of Willowbank and the NYT statement, it is our prayer that the Berlin Declaration 2008 will prove to be equally useful in supporting the work of taking the gospel “to the Jew first” and also the rest of the world. We believe the European setting of our statement is particularly significant.

We hope that this declaration will encourage many Christians to see the importance and biblical warrant for this important ministry. We would like to see the Berlin Declaration 2008 circulated as widely as possible amongst those who are engaged in and interested in this ministry.”

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