Making Peace in the Household of God — SEI 2007

 — June 26, 200726 juin 2007

You are invited! The opening presentation by David Brubaker will be a public lecture. Please download the public lecture poster and display in your church.

Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. Yet in the churches there is a fear of conflict, and a tendency to go for peace at any price, sweeping conflict under the carpet until it cannot be contained. The 2007 Summer Ecumenical Institute aims to help church people build a vision of how conflict can become a force for good in our communities, and to equip participants with the basic skills they need to become active peace-builders in their own settings.

The theme is a timely one. Many Canadian churches are experiencing conflict, often more within than between denominations. Liberals and conservatives in many churches are in tension over issues such as human sexuality and the interpretation of scripture, and the ‘heat’ seems to be rising. The skills of courtesy, listening and dialogue, developed in the ecumenical movement, are today needed just as much within our churches as between them.

With God’s help, conflict within the Body of Christ can be transformed into a source of life-giving energy. We will explore the biblical and theological foundations for conflict transformation, discuss current research, and provide an introduction to practical training in conflict transformation skills.

The Summer Ecumenical Institute (SEI) — scheduled for June 26 to 29 in Saskatoon — is sponsored by the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism.

For short biographies of the keynote speakers, see the complete Summer Ecumenical Institute webpage. For further information, contact the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. Phone 306-653-1633 or email . A brochure and registration form is available.

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