This 3-5 day annual program of ecumenical education and networking is an opportunity for training and continuing education in the area of current ecumenical events, documents, dialogues, and projects both international and local. Each year there will be a component of formation for those newly arrived in ecumenism, a component of networking and sharing news and views from across Canada, and a component of continuing education. It has been hosted by various communities across Canada, in liaison with the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism and the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism.

The Institute is open to participants from across Canada and around the world. The Ecumenical Institute is attended by ecumenical officers, church leaders, and lay people concerned about ecumenical issues. Normally 3 days in length, the Institute explores a variety of themes related to contemporary church life. Each theme is explored in such a way as to seek insights into the nature and practice of Christian unity.

For further information, contact the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism by phone (306-653-1633) or email: .


2015 Saskatoon, SK   in conjunction with the Canadian Forum on Interchurch Dialogues and the Program in Ecumenical Studies & Formation
2013 Saskatoon, SK   Reconciling Churches, Reconciling Peoples
2011 Saskatoon, SK   Acting Together: From Dialogue to Common Mission
2009 Saskatoon, SK   Telling our story, shaping our future: Christian unity and reconciliation in Canada
2008 Montréal, QC   Is Christianity still relevant today? How to respond effectively to a postmodern culture
2007 Saskatoon, SK   Making Peace in the Household of God
2006 Saskatoon, SK   Gifts to Each Other: exploring our treasures of worship and prayer.
2005 Saskatoon, SK   Collaborative Ministries: Ecumenism in Action -- "Ministering together when we're small and scattered."
2004 Winnipeg, MB   Be not Afraid: Common Christian Witness in a Culture of Fear
2003 Regina, SK   The Faces of Religion -- The Faces of Jesus
2002 Calgary, AB   At the heart of Christianity
2001 Saskatoon, SK   From Dialogue to: Shared Mission and Network
1999 Saskatoon, SK   Through the looking glass: faces and phases of Christian unity
1997 Calgary, AB   Covenants & Covenanting Churches
1996 Montréal, QC   Food for the Journey -- Ecumenism & Spirituality
1995 Montréal, QC   À la recontre des autres chrétiens et des grandes religions
1994 St. John's, NL   The Household of God: One Heart, One Spirit
1993 Edmonton, AB   "God's Ministry and Ours": A New Look at Ecumenism -- Meeting God Together in the World
1992 Montréal, QC  
1991 Saskatoon, SK   post-Canberra
1990 Halifax, NS  
1989 Montréal, QC   Œcuménisme: historique et défis actuels / relations interreligieuses
1988 Toronto, ON  
1986 Edmonton, AB   All Are One in Christ Jesus
1983 Edmonton, AB  
1982 Pickering, ON  
1982 Saskatoon, SK   Reconciliation in Truth, Justice and Love