Canterbury and Chief Rabbis sign historic agreement

 — Sept. 5, 20065 sept. 2006

(Lambeth) The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams and the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger today signed a joint Declaration which sets out a framework for continuing dialogue between them. Dr Williams described the agreement as historic: “This is a most significant step in developing better mutual understanding and trust between the Anglican Communion and the Chief Rabbinate and worldwide Judaism.”

The agreement adds to the growing network of bilateral and multilateral dialogues between religious leaders in the Middle East and in the wider world. This network of dialogue is a major contribution to a world in which religious faith is an increasingly important dimension of people’s lives and of national policies.

Dr Williams said that the agreement would help to advance inter faith relations: “This is a potentially fruitful development for relations between Christians and Jews in general and for the peoples of the Holy Land in particular. What we’ve agreed today will provide a framework within which both practical and sometimes challenging issues can be discussed on the basis of mutual trust and respect.” The Chief Rabbis emphasised the responsibility of religious leaders to do their utmost to ensure that religion is not abused for violent ends.

Excerpted from ACNS 4184, September 5, 2006. The complete ACNS article and photos are available online.

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