Farewell, Au Revoir, al-Salaamu

 — June 30, 200630 juin 2006

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It is with a certain sense of loss that the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism will bid farewell to its current director, Dr Stuart E. Brown and his wife, Margaret, at the end of June. They will be returning to Nigeria, Africa where Dr Brown has been offered a full professorship in the Department of Religious Studies at Abti University in the city of Yola. Margaret will accompany him to take up a position in the University Library, working in the area of Archives/Reference.

Dr Brown’s appointment as Director of the Centre marks the first time an Anglican and layperson has held this post. He brought with him a fresh and new approach to the Centre and its efforts, both inside and out.

Originally from British Columbia, Dr Brown holds an M.A. and a Ph. D. in Islamic Studies from McGill University. He has lectured and written on various aspects of Islam and interfaith dialogue, as well as on the history and future of ecumenism, in Canada, the United States, England, Switzerland, India, Australia and numerous African countries.

Before coming to the Centre in September 2004, Dr Brown had been Program Secretary for Christian-Muslim Relations in the Department of Dialogue with People of Living Faiths at the World Council of Churches in Geneva (1983-1988), and General Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches (Toronto – 1988-1993). His fluency in English, French and Arabic coupled with the ability to read German, Italian, Spanish, Swahili and Turkish proved to be invaluable in the years which succeeded the Toronto era: Dr Brown worked for PROCMURA (Project for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa) where he travelled, lectured and conducted sessions on bettering Christian-Muslim relations, in twenty African countries. This was followed by the position of General Secretary of JCMWA (Joint Christian Ministry In West Africa) from 2000 through 2004.

Margaret Brown, who filled her years in Africa with an array of positions including raising four children and teaching at a Montessori School, joined the Centre staff in early 2005, admirably playing a vital role in the preparation of texts for our periodical, Ecumenism.

An ecumenist who sees the need of affirming our Christian identity as being important for inter-faith understanding, Dr Brown has said: “We must discover and define what we as Christians have in common before dealing with the diversities of our ‘cousins,’ such as Jews and Muslims. This is imperative for interfaith understanding, more so than just dialogue.”

For the future of The Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, Dr Brown observes that the Centre needs to better define its role as it contributes to the ecumenical and interfaith context in Canada.

The members of the Board of Directors as well as the members of the personnel extend to Dr and Margaret Brown their heartfelt gratitude and every good wish and success in their future, in their many endeavours and adventures to come.

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