2006 Canadian ecumenical leadership award

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In recognition of her contribution to ecumenism on the local, national and international levels, the 2006 Ecumenical Leadership Award is presented to Renaude Grégoire.

Born in 1960, in the aura of the Second Vatican Council and the opening up towards other Christian denominations, Renaude Grégoire studied theology at the University of Montreal, rubbing shoulders with the great thinkers of the various Christian churches.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Renaude Grégoire participated in various activities of the Women’s Ecumenical Network. In 1992, the women’s gathering at Pentecost, using the theme Dare Freedom, brought a breath of fresh air and began work on the most urgent ecumenical and interfaith questions. During the 90s, several visits to Haiti allowed her to share in the liberating reading of the Bible with young people from various churches. From 1996 to 2001, she was active in founding and advising a movement of young Christians, structurally independent of the official Churches but committed to change in Haiti.

A resident of the neighbourhood of Point St Charles since 1998, Renaude has been involved with the Welfare Rights Committee and the Committee of Unemployed in preparing monthly suppers at St. Columban House (United Church). But it was in October 2001 that Renaude Grégoire could join actively in the creation and development of an ecumenical network in Quebec for justice, peace and the integrity of creation (now known as ROJeP). This network was officially launched at an assembly in January 2002, and Renaude was the staff person for this group, which has some forty member institutions, Christian organizations with a social commitment, until September 2005. She had the privilege of sharing with the other delegates to Kairos from the various regions of Canada and with the staff in Toronto, the Quebec experience of the major issues of recent years: the plight of refugees and water, a common heritage for all humanity. The idea was to have the various Christian groups work together to demonstrate this saying of Jesus: They shall have life, and they shall have it in abundance (Jn 10:10).

For three years, she produced a weekly broadcast of sixty minutes on social justice and solidarity for Radio Ville-Marie, inviting Christian groups and members of various Churches who were committed to a transformation of society. She also participated regularly in the monthly panel of directors and editors of the magazines of other Roman Catholic, Protestant and ecumenical organizations.

In July 2005, Renaude Grégoire took on a new challenge as Director of Programming at Radio Ville-Marie. Radio Ville-Marie is an ecumenically-minded Christian FM station which encourages dialogue among the major Christian denominations.

To promote and recognize grass-roots ecumenical leadership on the local or regional level, the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism confers an annual Ecumenical Leadership Award. Nominations may be made directly to the Centre by email.

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