International Commission of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue

 — June 28, 200428 juin 2004

[ACNS 3847] The International Commission of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue met in the International Study Centre, Canterbury Cathedral, in the United Kingdom, from Monday, June 21st – Friday, June 25th, 2004. The Commission is composed of representatives of the Orthodox Churches and of the Anglican Communion. The Dialogue began its work by exploring theological and doctrinal issues of concern for dialogue between the Anglican and Orthodox Churches in 1973. Agreements reached in its first two stages were set out in the Moscow Agreed Statement of 1976 and the Dublin Agreed Statement of 1984. In its present third phase, which began in 1989, the Commission has been examining ecclesiological issues in the light of our faith in the Holy Trinity, the Person of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Commission received the first draft of an Agreed Statement on lay ministries in the Church, and on the question of the ministries of women and men, including the question of ordination to the diaconate, presbyterate and episcopate. Consideration of this latter topic was postponed until further work could be completed on the presentation of Orthodox understandings of these matters. Papers on Heresy and Schism were received from Professor William Green (on the Anglican side) and Bishop Basil of Sergievo (on the Orthodox side) and discussed by the Commission. The Commission went on to receive and discuss papers on the theology and practice of Reception from Professor John Riches (on the Anglican side) and Metropolitan John of Pergamon (on the Orthodox side).

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