New mandate for the Anglican-Lutheran International Commission

 — Apr. 27, 200427 avril 2004

Anglican-Lutheran International Commission


The Anglican Consultative Council and the Lutheran World Federation, in accordance with the resolutions of the Twelfth Meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Hong Kong in September 2002, and the commitments of the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Winnipeg in July 2003, approve the establishment of a new Anglican-Lutheran International Commission (ALIC), with the following mandate.

That the Commission shall

a) provide guidance regarding the evaluation and implementation of the Report of the Anglican-Lutheran Working Group (1999-2002), Growth in Communion, with a view to co-ordinated decisions by the governing bodies of both communions, in co-operation with their member churches,

b) continue to monitor and advise upon the development of Anglican -Lutheran relations around the world, having regard to their consistency with each other and with the self-understanding of the two communions, give attention to the impact of different ecumenical methodologies, and to clarify questions of transitivity (i.e. the consequences that an agreement reached in one ecumenical relationship may be seen to have for other relationships),

c) explore the possibility of common actions and statements, and, in particular, seek ways to promote joint study projects of issues relevant to Anglican-Lutheran relations,

d) consider ways to engage with and promote the wider ecumenical movement, and, in particular, give consideration to the ecumenical role and contribution of Christian world communions,>

e) to report to the relevant bodies on both sides on the progress of work, and to ensure consultation on emerging developments in regional Anglican – Lutheran relations.

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