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 — October 1, 20031 octobre 2003

Issue No. 2, October 2003

Restorative Justice Week, November 16-23, 2003, Pathways to a Strengthened Community

As we go about our daily lives, looking for the pathways that will help us live in harmony, we do so with the belief that our communities will be better places because of it. Relationships are at the heart of restorative justice, and when we actively use a restorative approach in which people are included and heard, there can be understanding, healing, accountability and a strenghtened community.

Restorative Justice Week is a time to gather, to celebrate achievements, to reflect, to pray and to vision together new possibilities for healing the broken in our communities. And we have much that is broken. Religious and spiritual abuse may be part of a community’s history. Conflict over change, about leadership or worship styles can result in separation, great pain and grief. Perhaps theft or arson has destroyed trust. When we apply restorative justice principles to these kinds of real life situations and others, we will begin to live out the love that God has for us and for this world.

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