International Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation underway in Mississauga

 — May 17, 200017 mai 2000

Roman Catholic and Anglican bishops, paired from thirteen regions around the world, have begun their meeting in Canada in which they are reviewing and evaluating the accomplishment of thirty years of ecumenical relationship between Anglicans and Catholics in their areas. The pairs of bishops come from New Zealand, Canada, England, United States, Ireland, India, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Southern Africa, Uganda, Australia, Brazil and the West Indies.

The bishops are gathered in private session at the Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre near Toronto, Ontario, under the joint chairmanship of Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey and Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, President of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Their first day has begun with a morning of prayer and scriptural reflection. The following days will begin and end with common prayer.

There will be a public ecumenical service of Evening Prayer, at which the bishops will participate, on Wednesday, May 17th at 6 pm at Saint Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Toronto. Toronto’s Roman Catholic and Anglican leaders Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic and Bishop Terence Finlay will preside and the Archbishop of Canterbury will preach. Cardinal Cassidy will read a message of greeting from Pope John Paul II.

At the conclusion of the bishops’ meeting, there will be a news conference at Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre, 1617 Blythe Road, Mississauga on Friday May 19 at 1.30 pm. For details about the news conference please contact: Catharine Osborne (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto) at +1 416 934 3400 ext. 565 or Christine Watson (Anglican Diocese of Toronto) at +1 416 363 6021.

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