Through the looking glass: faces and phases of Christian unity

 — June 6, 19996 juin 1999

As Alice through the looking glass, when we enter the world of ecumenism everything seems to be a little bit different. Through the looking glass, everything looks different, we look at it differently and we experience it differently. The Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism is hosting a national Summer Ecumenical Institute that will assist us to look at the different faces of the ecumenical movement. With input from the scheduled speakers and the diverse experiences of the participants, the Institute will explore these different faces of unity and Christian identity in a time of change.

The Institute is held annually in various parts of Canada. This year, from June 1st to 6th, the Institute will be held at St. Thomas More College, Saskatoon. Accommodations will be provided at the Sheptytsky Institute on College Drive. Registration is through the Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism at 250-B Second Avenue South, Saskatoon, S7K 1K9, phone 306-653-1633, fax 306-653-1821. Registration is $140 for commuters and $225 for live-in participants

Pluralism, aboriginal spirituality, post-modernism, ecumenical dialogue, jubilee and justice, councils of churches, ecumenical structures, and the Internet. Each of these topics will be reflected in the five days of learning and discussion. Speakers will be coming from across Canada, including Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews of Edmonton, Dr. Eileen Scully of the Canadian Council of Churches, and Rev. Alyson Barnett-Cowan and Rev. Richard Stetson ecumenical officers for the Anglican Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. From Saskatchewan, we will have Chief Harry Lafond of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Nicholas Jesson of the Saskatoon Centre for Ecumenism, and Rev. Iain Luke of the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon. We hope to see you at the Institute in June.

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