Pope interrupts synod to conduct ecumenical service for clergy

 — Dec. 6, 19856 déc. 1985

VATICAN CITY – In a major gesture of Christian unity, Pope John Paul and Roman Catholic bishops recessed an international assembly Thursday to conduct an ecumenical service with 10 Protestant and Orthodox clergymen.

The 10 men have been following the bishops’ two-week meeting, called an extraordinary synod, as observers. He embraced Archbishop Stylianos Harkianakis of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, the Rev. Henry Chadwick of the Anglican Communion and the Rev. Jacque Maury from the French Reformed Church, representing the World Council of Churches. The non-Catholics are observers at the synod, the first ever invited.

The Pope led the 40-minute service, conducted in English, at the modern Synod Hall. It came three days before the end of the bishops’ meeting, which was convened by John Paul to assess the state of the church since the end of the Second Vatican Council 20 years ago.

“Divisions among Christians are contrary to the plan of God,” the Pope said in his homily.

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