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L’œcuménisme spirituel : un nouvel instrument

Le cardinal Walter Kasper, président de l’office au Vatican chargé de promouvoir l’unité des chrétiens, publiait récemment un livret de 96 pages intitulé Manuel d’œcuménisme spirituel (titre abrégé : MOES). La parution de cet ouvrage est un évènement heureux, tant pour les catholiques que pour leurs frères et soeurs d’autres confessions.
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“Together, Christians can…”

This article deals with the first chapter of cardinal Walter Kasper’s booklet “A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism” (HSE). The chapter is entitled “Deepening Christian Faith,” and is laid out in two parts. Paragraphs are numbered, making consultation and reference easier.

The first part of this chapter bears the title “The Word of God in Sacred Scripture,” and provides us with much teaching and encouragement. The focus is on how the Word of God in the bible can help Christians come closer to each other: “Everything that can be done to make members of the Churches and Ecclesial Communities read the Word of God, and to do that together when possible… reinforces this bond of unity that already unites them, helps them to be open to the unifying action of God and strengthens the common witness to the saving Word of God which they give to the world.” (at the start of the chapter).
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“Ensemble, les chrétiens peuvent…”

Cet article traite du premier chapître du livret du cardinal Walter Kasper, “Manuel d’œcuménisme spirituel” (MOES). Le chapître est intitulé “Approfondir la foi chrétienne” et comporte deux parties. Les paragraphes sont numérotés, facilitant ainsi consultation et référence.

La première partie du chapître porte le titre “La Parole de Dieu dans l’Écriture Sainte.” Elle contient beaucoup d’enseignement et d’encouragement. La visée centrale est d’illustrer comment la Parole de Dieu dans la bible peut beaucoup aider les chrétien.nes à se rapprocher les des autres : “Tout ce qui peut être fait pour que les membres des Églises et des Communautés ecclésiales lisent la Parole de Dieu et le fassent, si possible, ensemble…, tout cela renforce ce lien d’unité qui existe déjà, les ouvre à l’action unifiante de Dieu et renforce le témoignage commun rendu à la Parole salvatrice de Dieu qu’ils donnent au monde.” (au tout début du chapître)
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Faithful Witnesses

There is more to expound and comment on, regarding chapter one, the last section, of A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism (HSE). This section is entitled “Witnesses to the Word of God” (nn. 19-25) and offers remarkable teaching and encouragement.
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Bridgefolk models grass-roots ecumenism

Margaret Pfeil wants peace. She wants it so much that three and a half years ago she moved into St. Peter Claver Catholic Worker community, a house of hospitality in South Bend, Ind. She believes in radical political participation, so she doesn’t vote except in local elections. Once her student loans are paid off, she hopes to practice tax resistance by living below the poverty line. Pfeil, an assistant professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, wants peace but sometimes she finds she needs to look outside the Catholic church to find the resources and support to help her live her faith.
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100 years of praying for Christian unity

Anyone who thought a look back at 20th-century history through the eyes of prayer would be comforting, uplifting or anodyne might want to begin with the 1919 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Organizers of this early version of the annual week of prayer pulled no punches when they began, “The crowning horror and blasphemy of our divisions is that we shut one another out from the one great Sacrament of Love.”
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PC(USA) clergywoman embraces contemplative life as a Benedictine

When Lynne Smith was a girl growing up in El Paso, Texas, she said she wanted to be a nun.

And so Smith followed the more conventional path … to ordained Presbyterian ministry and a first pastorate in Dodge City, Kan. But the yearning for a more contemplative spiritual life was never far from her mind.

While in Dodge City, Smith went on a spiritual retreat in 1985 sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph, “and had a deeper experience than I’d ever had before,” she told the Presbyterian News Service in a recent interview here. “It really changed my spirituality toward the contemplative.”
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Four Basic Principles of Ecumenism

When I moved to Saskatoon sixteen years ago, I was surprised by the ecumenical interest that I encountered in the churches. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, Saskatoon has the only ecumenical centre in Canada which focuses on parish ecumenism. This diocese has a history of ecumenical cooperation and experimentation that goes back to our earliest settlements. Over the years I have discovered that at the core of the prairie ecumenical experience there are some basic principles that provide guidance and insight to the search for Christian unity here, just as they do throughout the church. These principles are found in our own experience, but they are rooted in our biblical and doctrinal convictions about Christian faith and life. I think we experience these in a particularly unique way in Saskatchewan.
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Evangelical-Catholic ecumenical prayer service held at Saskatoon cathedral

Pastor Harry Strauss and Bishop Donald Bolen leading the Evangelical-Catholic worship service, March 22, 2011 in SaskatoonEvangelical and Catholic Christians recently gathered to pray and to celebrate their common faith in Jesus Christ at a joyful gathering at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Saskatoon.

Sharing song, scripture and prayer, some 300 people attended the groundbreaking gathering March 22, 2011. Pastor Harry Strauss of Forest Grove Community Church, representing the Saskatoon Evangelical Ministers Fellowship, and Bishop Donald Bolen of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon presided together at the service. Welcoming all those attending from many denominations and local churches, Bolen described the origins of the event, which he traced back to the prayer and friendship experienced when three Catholic women joined those in the Evangelical community gathering regularly to pray for local Alliance Church Pastor Ken Rutherford, who was ill with cancer and who died in September 2010.

“It was Ken’s request that those who gathered would also pray for the wounded body of Christ in the city of Saskatoon,” said Bolen, who attended one of the prayer services, where he first met Ken’s wife Lenna. “Eventually I got to meet Pastor Ken as well, and I was stirred by his profound desire for unity and reconciliation.”

In a sermon shared with Bolen and Strauss, Lenna Rutherford recalled her husband’s experience of joy when he introduced two of his beloved friends to each other – something that also reflected his experience of connecting to other friends through a mutual love of Jesus Christ.

Christ had introduced Ken to many other dear friends. Ken found them in many shapes and presentations, they came from many pastoral and priestly places, in various denominations across the city and Ken found that he was called to see not from a worldly, or religious, or denominational point of view, but from Christ’s point of view, which was: “let me introduce you to someone I love so much that I died for them too.’”
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Lutheran delegation meets Pope Francis

The Pope received a refugee’s teapot as an invitation to work together for the suffering neighbour. Photo: L'Osservatore RomanoDuring an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican earlier today, leaders from The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) expressed gratitude for the partnership with the Roman Catholic Church that makes it possible for churches to strengthen their commitment to the poor and vulnerable.

“As people who have been encountered by Christ, we are called to accompany the poor and vulnerable. The message of reconciliation entrusted to us turns into the hope for our fragmented world and its yearning for peace with justice,” LWF President Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan said in LWF’s greeting to the pope.

Younan expressed gratitude for the ecumenical milestones of the partnership with Catholics, including the recent publication of the report “From Conflict to Communion: Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration in 2017.”

By jointly approaching a shared history which includes elements of pain “the promise of healing appears on the horizon,” Younan said of the publication that outlines the mutual responsibility by Lutherans and Catholics for a common approach to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

The June 2013 report by the Lutheran–Roman Catholic Commission on Unity marked the first time that both partners have worked together at the global level to tell the history of the Reformation as part of their commitment to deepen Christian unity. Baptism is the focus of ongoing dialogue by the commission, which will mark its 50th anniversary in 2017.
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