Announcing the Justice & Peace Library

 — Feb. 28, 202428 févr. 2024

The Canadian Council of Churches is pleased to announce the launch of a new archive website:!

This digital library contains over 25 years of theological resources, position statements, advocacy letters, briefing notes, and other materials. They can be used as a starting point for thought, conversation, advocacy, and ecumenical participation. These resources arose through ecumenical dialogue, communal prayer, bible study, and advocacy efforts amongst members of the CCC‘s Commission on Justice and Peace. Statements and letters from the Canadian Council of Churches, Canadian churches, and religious leaders are also included in the archives.

Every three years, the Commission on Justice and Peace selects and studies an issue that has a significant impact on the lives of Canadian churches and society. During this process, the participating churches exchange their distinct perspectives, engage in communal prayer and scriptural study, and actively work towards fostering connections and unity while recognizing the points where their traditions differ. Through careful discernment and attentiveness to the guidance of the Spirit, they shape the churches’ advocacy efforts, dialogues, and decision-making process.

At, you will find a rich collection of resources from the CCC aimed at promoting justice, peace, and ethical reflection. This extensive archive includes theological resources, position statements, advocacy letters, briefing notes, and various other materials that have evolved over 25 years of thoughtful collaboration and engagement.

You are invited to visit to explore the invaluable resources available that will inspire and inform your journey towards justice and peace.

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