WCC joins faith leaders in urgent call for higher ambition at COP27

 — Nov. 18, 202218 nov. 2022

World Council of Churches acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca joined other faith leaders in signing a collective message calling on world leaders and their representatives at COP27 to make the bold decisions necessary and ensure that there are clear and concrete outcomes from this COP.

“While negotiations stall, people are dying and livelihoods are being lost as a result of the impact of climate change,” the message reads. “The COP27 negotiations are slow and lacking in ambition.”

Time is running out, the message noted. “With the COP27 negotiations hanging in the balance, as faith leaders and members of the global faith movement for climate justice, led by our sisters and brothers from the Global South, we call for urgent and ambitious action for the most vulnerable people and communities.”

The message details where faith leaders believe the current negotiation texts are failing, and also suggests steps negotiations can take to care for God’s creation.

“This should be an implementation COP where finance is at the heart of delivering for those most impacted by climate change,” reads the message. “All countries must acknowledge their responsibilities and scale up their ambition and national climate plans, and countries in the global north need to recognize their historic responsibility and mobilise new and additional climate finance!”

Faith leaders urgent call for higher ambition at COP27

More information about WCC at COP27 here

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