Youth demand climate justice

 — Sept. 3, 20223 sept. 2022

“If you’re for climate justice, say ‘AMEN!’” was the chant as young people led a protest marching through the Brunnen exhibition zone at the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Karlsruhe, Germany on September 2, 2022.

“The protest was organized by people from around the world,” said Helena Funk of Germany, one of the organizers. “They were all different ages, from a variety of confessions.”

The chants, songs, and slogans painted on signs, arms and faces drew attention to the call for urgency in addressing the climate crisis. “The climate crisis knows no race, knows no gender, knows no region, knows no colour, knows no status- you name it. The crisis affects the people who are already the most vulnerable,” said Jessica Bwali from Zambia in her speech to the crowd.

Bwali was just one of the many speakers who shared their personal stories and experience of the impacts of climate change. “The stories of people’s own lives, their own experiences, showed the face of the climate crisis, from Syria to Zambia to the Pacific,” said Funk. These stories ranged from calls to end local pipelines to an end for deep sea mining to access to water.

“The idea is to amplify the call by young people for climate justice,” said Collins Shave from Zimbabwe, another of the organizers. “We want this to be prioritized as a key issue for the assembly. This was a priority for the Ecumenical Youth Gathering. Young people want the leaders to address the climate crisis.”

The youth are calling on the WCC and member churches to “call it a crisis and act accordingly”, to communicate clearly about the climate crisis, and to listen to young people and make use of their gifts in engaging in climate action.

The protest was joined by local climate activists from Karlsruhe, as well as from Green Faith and other groups.

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