Under the canopy of yellow leaves

 — Sept. 3, 20223 sept. 2022

Ushered into the venue of the World Council of Churches (WCC) 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany, one finds a sanctuary, a safe space under the canopy of yellow leaves. Under the shade of trees with leaves slowly going through the withering process is the springing of hope for a better world engaged in conversations and dialogues that promote life at its fullness.

Under the canopy of yellow leaves, this gathering appears to represent the entirety of humanity. People dress vividly, speak in a variety of languages and dialects, carry a variety of faith traditions and confessions, and are shaped by diverse cultures, narratives, and contexts. After the serious sessions involving the life and mission of the fellowship of churches, the tables set under the shade of the colorful trees are free spaces for people to settle and converse, rest, and seek refreshment.

While yellow leaves signal withering, they may also signify a shift in season. Autumn lasts from September to November in this part of the world. The global gathering of ecumenists seeks to usher in a new season for the world’s situation, which is threatened by war, conflict, division, inequality, and injustice.

The foliage gradually turns yellow and then golden to brown as the season changes. The desired gradual change will be a gift to future generations of new leaders and visionaries. The common desire of these people of faith to gather and engage in a pilgrimage of justice and peace are manifestations of a lifetime commitment to pursuing what is just, true, and good for the whole inhabited world.

The persevering spirits of experienced ecumenists will undoubtedly encourage more people to dream of a better world with a just and beautiful future, much like the yellow leaves that will soon wither but will aid to nourish the soil. Some leaders may wither over time like leaves, while others may later sprout to reinvigorate the ecumenical movement.

The gathering of the fellowship of churches appears as a beautiful manifestation of celebration and substantial engagements under the canopy of yellow leaves. Nevertheless, amid the world’s current divisions and conflicts, this is an expression of hope.

People of faith can draw water from the streams of solidarity and compassion, and drink from the wells of respect and tolerance among people of diverse views and opinions, at this meaningful gathering. More importantly, the gathering may serve to remind the fellowship of churches of their purpose for unity – faith in Jesus Christ, whose love moves the world to reconciliation and unity. The meeting reminds the people of Christ’s engagement with the downtrodden and disempowered, as well as the wealthy and powerful.

Under the canopy of yellow leaves, Christ provides free spaces and open tables for people of faith to engage in dialogue, express solidarity, concretize radical hospitality, and share compassion with the world and a people confronted with countless sufferings and struggles, upheavals and conflicts, divisions and wars.

During this assembly season, everyone is invited to take a seat under the canopy of yellow leaves. A concrete response to the strong invitation is necessary to begin the journey of healing and reconciliation, which are essential gifts for the world today.

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