WCC assembly eyes increasing youth participation, approves Unity Statement

 — Sept. 8, 20228 sept. 2022

The WCC 11th Assembly has recommended increasing youth participation in the global ecumenical fellowship.

The assembly received, affirmed, and endorsed a Youth Statement signed by 38 youth members of the assembly, including 12 delegates and nine advisers. The assembly is referring to the WCC central committee for action, noting “the need for full youth involvement in all commissions, committees, advisory groups, and reference groups of the WCC, but also the apparent reluctance of some member churches to nominate young people to the central committee and other committees.”

The Youth Statement lifts up youth experiences in climate justice, racial justice, and human sexuality, saying that youth “have the experiences and are often at the front of the fights against these challenges.”

The Youth Statement expressed concern that youth are “still underrepresented within many bodies of the assembly, as well as the central committee.”

The youth statement also expressed that youth are feeling alienated from the leadership structures of churches. “Right now we want to address the marginalized voice of the youth, while also showing solidarity with our other marginalized siblings, reads the statement. “One solution to that is to take the youth into account and make them feel valued and heard in the decision-making, by giving them space in decision-making bodies.”

The Youth Statement supports a recommendation to add more seats to the WCC central committee.

The assembly also received, adopted, and approved a Unity Statement of the WCC 11th Assembly, which addresses the distinctive call to Christian love in today’s world. Successive WCC assemblies have offered a statement or theme to inspire the churches to reflect on why they have chosen to journey together and the significance of the call to unity.

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