WCC approves two statements on Racism and Reconciliation with Indigenous People

 — Sept. 30, 202230 sept. 2022

The World Council of Churches Central Committee approved the release of two statements proposed at the recent Karlsruhe Assembly that had not been completed during the Assembly. In the introduction to the first statement, “Statement on Confronting Racism and Xenophobia, Overcoming Discrimination, Ensuring Belonging,” the WCC stated simply that, “(t)he World Council of Churches, at its 11th assembly, in Karlsruhe, Germany, abhors the perpetuation of all forms of racism, xenophobia and related discriminations against humanity and the pervasive suffering it causes.”

The second statement, titled “Statement on Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples,” acknowledges that “Indigenous Peoples are created with God-given identities that are beautiful. God was present in their lands and among their peoples before colonizers arrived. When Christians brought the Bible, Indigenous People recognized the voice of their Creator in Jesus’ teachings. They did not hear a call to reject their identities.”

The statements can be viewed in their entirety at the links below:

Statement on Confronting Racism and Xenophobia, Overcoming Discrimination, Ensuring Belonging – www.oikoumene.org/resources/documents/statement-on-confronting-racism-and-xenophobia-overcoming-discrimination-ensuring-belonging

Statement on Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples – www.oikoumene.org/resources/documents/statement-on-reconciliation-with-indigenous-peoples

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