E-RC dialogue plans three public meetings

 — Sept. 18, 201418 sept. 2014

The Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue in Saskatoon has recently issued a draft “Common Statement of Faith” after three years of study. The text is offered to our sponsoring churches for study and discernment, with the prayer that this text might be adopted as a sufficient statement for further dialogue and common mission.

Three community-wide meetings have been planned to present and discuss the draft statement.

The text of the joint statement is available online at:  ecumenism.net/archive/docu/2014_erc-saskatoon_common-statement-of-faith.pdf

For further information contact Nick Jesson, Roman Catholic diocesan ecumenical officer at jesson [at] ecumenism [dot] net or (306) 659-5814; or Pastor Harry Strauss, Forest Grove Community Church at harry [at] forestgrovecc [dot] com or (306) 933-2266.

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