Montréal Presbyterians respond to Québec Charter of Values

 — Feb. 7, 20147 févr. 2014

The Presbyterian Church in Canada‘s Presbytery of Montreal has adopted a response to Bill 60 – the Québec Charter of Values.


“We acknowledge and celebrate the unique identity of Quebec as a Francophone nation and province within Canada, and acknowledge the particular religious and cultural history that has shaped its values, laws, and social fabric. We also acknowledge and celebrate the presence of other linguistic and cultural communities within Quebec – including a large Anglophone minority – and celebrate the contributions such communities have made to the history, identity, and success of Quebec as a liberal democratic polity. We believe that Quebec has been enriched by this diversity.

“We do not accept that religious diversity means simply a diversity of privately held beliefs. Such a view fails to take seriously religious faith as it is understood by any of its practitioners – namely, religious faith as a way of seeing and living in the world. The government’s failure to understand the nature of religious faith and identity – a failure deeply embedded within Bill 60 – has led to its willingness to undermine the rights and freedoms of people of faith.”

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