When Christian Faith and Genetics Meet: A Practical Group Resource

 — Dec. 9, 20139 déc. 2013

Many families in our communities are questioning how their faith interacts with genetic science.

For instance, Frank and Julie are planning on having a child, but before conceiving they want to undergo genetic screenings to discover the chances they have of passing on a genetic disorder to their children. Neither wants to have an abortion. If there is a high risk of a genetic disorder they plan not to conceive, but to adopt. Is this ‘playing God’? If your partner has a history of deafness in their family, should you consider genetic testing?

Scenarios like these are addressed in a new resource from the Canadian Council of Churches’ Biotechnology Reference Group, “When Christian Faith and Genetics Meet.” It offers five case-study modules based on topics in genetics, as well as very basic introduction to genetics and genetic technology.

The Biotechnology Research Group is looking for facilitators to lead their congregation through this group resource. Are you someone who would like to work with your congregation or parish on this topic, or do you know of someone who might be interested? If yes, please contact the Faith and Genetics Learning Animator, Rebecca Ivanoff, at: ivanoff [at] councilofchurches [dot] ca, or visit www.councilofchurches.ca/product/when-christian-faith-and-genetics-meet-a-practical-group-resource/ to find out more.

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