WCC 2013: the Public Issues Committee

 — Nov. 3, 20133 nov. 2013

The past few days I have been in almost non-stop committee meetings. The Public Issues Committee drafts statements for the assembly to discuss and adopt. These statements then direct the programmatic priorities of the WCC for the next 7-8 years.

Negotiating linguistic, cultural, and theological differences in order to say something in common about the many urgent issues which confront our churches at this time has been both challenging and fascinating. The committees are a microcosm of the whole assembly. It is inspiring to witness (and participate in) the deep listening to one another that allows for fruitful dialogue and collective action.

Tomorrow we take the draft statements to the whole assembly, where nearly 800 delegates will prayerfully try to reach consensus on pressing (and sometimes controversial) issues. We will need the prayers of all our sisters and brothers in Christ to accompany us through this important and difficult work.

May the God of life truly lead us to justice and peace.

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