Cantwell: Listening to the voices of those on the margins

 — Oct. 31, 201331 oct. 2013

Today the message that came through most strongly for me is the importance of listening to the voices of those on the margins.

Jesus lived his life and exercised his ministry among those on the margins of society. It is those who are excluded, oppressed, ignored and persecuted in society who are best able to see and name injustices and the structures that sustain them. So our theology must have at its centre the experiences and perspective of those who are marginalized.

This is a real challenge for those of us who come from a place of privilege… who are used to having our voice and our perspective listened to. We must relinquish our place at the centre and make room for those who have been silenced to be heard and given priority. This both excites and frightens me… I’m not always very good at shutting up and letting others have the spotlight. But as Christians we must be willing to go where Jesus went, love whom he loved, and risk what he risked. May God grant us the courage and the humility to do so.

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