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 — October 29, 201329 octobre 2013
Statement by the men at the Women & Men's Pre-Assembly
Statement by the men at the Women & Men’s Pre-Assembly

Today, the second and final day of the women’s pre-assembly, was powerful, painful, and compelling.

We heard stories of human trafficking and sexual violence. Many tears were shed; but powerful stories of hope and resistance were shared as well. The group of men who have been part of this pre-assembly, and who met together on their own for part of the day yesterday, read a statement they composed confessing their participation in patriarchy, acknowledging the need for transformation in the relationships between women and men, and committing themselves to continued dialogue with the church and society on issues of gender justice. It was a moving example of what true humility, repentance, and commitment to personal and collective transformation looks like. Of course, it is in the living out of this statement that true healing and change will happen. I was struck by the similarity to the churches’ apologies to Aboriginal Canadians. And I was reminded again how it is not enough to say sorry; we must dismantle the attitudes and structures which have created injustice and commit ourselves to living in right relationship with all our neighbours.

Tomorrow the full assembly begins. I am excited and a little nervous. Tonight I hope for a good sleep!

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