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 — October 28, 201328 octobre 2013

As I begin my second day at the women’s pre-assembly in Busan, my heart is filled with the stories of courage and hope that others shared yesterday. One idea that particularly stands out for me from yesterday is that for change to happen, sacrifices must be made. Those with power must relinquish power, so that those without power can take their rightful place. We heard about a male priest in Mexico who accepted excommunication as a consequence of his solidarity with women who resisted their church’s decision to revoke the right of women to be ordained.

Can I have this kind of courage? Is my determination to work for justice strong enough that I would be willing to sacrifice my own power and privilege in order to stand with those to whom power is denied? I cling to the hope that with God, all things are possible!

The conversations we are having are challenging, inspiring, difficult, and filled with hope.

Korean dance at the WCC Women and Men’s Pre-Assembly, Oct 28-29

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