We have a new director: Darren Dahl

 — May 9, 20129 mai 2012

The Board and staff of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism are excited to have a new Director in place. We welcome Dr. Darren Dahl, who began his duties on May 1st. He will be working half-time at the Centre. He is also a sessional lecturer in the department of Religion and Culture at St. Thomas More College and a Fellow in the Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies programme at the University of Saskatchewan. A former Lutheran pastor, Darren was recently received into the Roman Catholic church. He is interested in the relation of ecumenical dialogue to its secular cultural context as well as ecumenical dialogue between Roman Catholics and the Orthodox churches.

The Office Manager of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, Carol Penner, is retiring after 20½ years of service. These have been exciting years for her, working with all the directors to date, and watching the many changes particularly in local ecumenism. Retirement takes effect July 1st.

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