Ecumenical Effort Reaping Rewards

 — Mar. 1, 20111 mars 2011

The Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Presbyterian Church in Canada are celebrating an “Affirmation of Relationship” approved and endorsed by the CRC Synod of 2010 and the General Assembly of the PCC.

Under this affirmation, the PCC becomes one of only a few “Churches in Dialogue” with the CRCNA. With the agreement, the denominations pledge to work even more closely together in the future than they have in the past. “The Christian Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church in Canada have been neighbors and friends for many years,” says Rev. Bruce Adema, director of the CRC in Canada.

“The ‘Affirmation of the Relationship’ document outlines how our churches can demonstrate Christian affection and work together to reveal the Kingdom of God. We want to celebrate our unity as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

For several years the Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee of the CRCNA has had a subcommittee that met with representatives of the PCC. “The Affirmation of the Relationship is the fruit of that,” said Adema.

Synod 2010 gave these grounds for adopting the affirmation:

In a brochure describing the new relationship, it says: “Together we have prepared Christian education curriculum and other resources, worked with shared resources, both human and financial on the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, facilitated food shipments and CFGB growing projects across Canada, and shared in Ecumenical Ministry through KAIROS, the World Communion of Reformed Churches and the Canadian Council of Churches.”

The brochure goes on to say that each denomination realizes that through this formal arrangement that they are “affirming and building upon existing relations with a denomination that shares the Christian faith, a Reformed theological perspective, and a Presbyterian form of church government.”

The brochure also gives details about each of the denominations’ values and missions. The CRCNA statement says that it is a church “that seeks to meet the needs of all members: male and female, old and young, married and single. The Word of God is central to our worship services. We believe that all of life is governed by our faith. We have a strong commitment to Christian outreach.”

Similarly, the PCC also provides a statement of its values and mission. “We are disciples of Christ, empowered by the Spirit, glorifying God and rejoicing in service,” states the brochure.

“So, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, we proclaim the love and good news of Jesus Christ through our words and actions, relying on the scriptures, for God’s guidance into the future … As worshipping communities joyfully celebrating the sacraments, we are supported, strengthened and equipped to share the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.”

Under this agreement, the denominations are likely to exchange visitors at their respective General Assembly and Synod. In addition, says the agreement between the denominations, the two denominations “encourage our respective presbyteries and classes, in addition to our local congregations to welcome exchanges of visitors and to engage in shared ministries whenever possible for the building up of Christ’s church.”

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